Finance/Financial Development Committee 

Chaired by the Treasurer, the Finance Committee works with the Executive Director to prepare the Annual Budget, review and monitor the financial operation of ICHRIE, ensure an annual audit of ICHRIE finances, and recommend the appointment of outside auditors. 

Committee Members

Lisa Slevitch
Oklahoma State University
[email protected]

Henry Tsai
Treasurer, APacCHRIE
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
[email protected]
Jichul Jang
Treasurer, CentralCHRIE
Kansas State University
[email protected]
Florian Aubke
Treasurer, EuroCHRIE
FHWien der WKW
[email protected]
Joseph Scarcelli
Treasurer, NENA
York College of Pennsylvania
[email protected]
Andrew Moreo
Treasurer, SECSA
Florida International University
[email protected]
Shane Blum
Treasurer, West
Texas Tech University
[email protected]
Bob Bosselman
Iowa State University
[email protected]
Ming-Hsiang Chen
Washington State University
[email protected]
Agnes DeFranco
University of Houston
[email protected]
Bill Samenfink
Endicott College
[email protected]
Ray Schmidgall
Michigan State University
[email protected]
Amit Sharma
Pennsylvania State University
[email protected]
Amrik Singh
University of Denver
[email protected]

Gold Premium Members




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