Sustainability on the Ground: Practices, Education & Resources Webinar

On 30 JUNE 2022 the Sustainability & Innovation SIG hosted the webinar, "Sustainability on the Ground: Practices, Education & Resources" that highlighted urban global hotel brands path to low impact to ecolodges protecting biodiversity-rich destinations, action is the name of the game.


Here is a look at what was covered during the webinar:

Part 1: Global Hotel Business & Sustainability  – a 30min presentation & Q&A with Inge Huijbrechts, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications at Radisson on the WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics, Radisson’s endeavors & the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s work and resources on sustainable hospitality

Part 2: Ecotourism, Ecolodges & Sustainability – a 30min presentation & Q&A with Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner, Technical Assistance Advisor at The Long Run and/or Delphine Malleret King, Chief Executive Office at The Long Run on their sustainability endeavors, the launch of Free online sustainability courses earlier this month and work on Regenerative tourism.

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