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JHTR Webinar with Sage Publications
Thursday, June 30, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM +08
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Free Webinar:
Facilitating Publications on Leading SSCI Journals -   
Practical Approaches to Theoretical Novelty and Native Theorizing 


Date: 30th June 2022, Thursday
Time: 15.00 - 16.30, Singapore Time (SGT/UTC +8) 


As a social science researcher, are you sometimes at a loss as to how to create theoretical novelty and get published in international top journals?

This webinar features two author-editor speakers, Dr. Li Miao and Dr. Cheri A. Young who are widely recognized as leading scholars in the field of hospitality and tourism management.  They will discuss how to approach, create, and present theoretical novelty in this field and help researchers to overcome the drought in theoretical novelty and native theorizing in hospitality and tourism research. Using multiple examples of real-life research projects and timely topics, they will demonstrate several practical approaches to theoretical novelty and native theorizing in hospitality and tourism research from both author and editor perspectives.  

Meanwhile, you will also learn how to efficiently utilize research method resources to facilitate your research development.

Key Takeaways:

•    How to define IMPACT in hospitality and tourism research 
•    Difference between theory vs. theorizing 
•    Strategies for generating more novel research questions  
•    Ways to generate more theoretical novelty
•    Three major practical approaches to native theorizing
•    SAGE Research Method facilitate hospitality and tourism research 

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Dr. Li Miao is Professor and Head of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management in the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Macau.  She is also a UMDF (University of Macau Development Foundation) Professorial Fellow.  Dr. Miao currently serves as an Executive Editor of Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research (JHTR), a top-tier journal and a premier outlet for scholarship widely recognized in the field of hospitality and tourism management. 
Dr. Cheri A. Young is Associate Professor in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at the University of Denver. Dr. Young currently serves as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research (JHTR). She enjoys publishing research articles, teaching cases, and edited books, including a philosophy of science book (with co-author, Craig C. Lundberg), Foundations of Inquiry: Choices and Tradeoffs in the Organizational Sciences. 
Dr. Lim Khee Hiang is based in the Asia Pacific head office of SAGE Publishing in Singapore as a Customer Relations Training Manager covering Asia Pacific region. Khee Hiang has more than 14 years of experience primarily responsible for educating professionals in R&D, corporations, academics and government departments and provided consultancy advice helping decision leaders to derive the best strategic value and usage for their research and daily workflow solutions. 

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