JHTC, Case Study and Teaching Note, Volume 3 Issue 1

Table of Contents, Abstracts

DMOs and Tourism Product Development: Accessible Destinations, The Case of Monterrey, Mexico 
(Camargo, Villarreal)

Abstract: Tourists with disabilities comprise an undeserved market segment for destinations and tourism businesses. The evolving role of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) is highlighted through a case study related to accessible tourism development in Monterrey, Mexico. Specifically, it allows the future DMO professional to understand the characteristics, potential and service needs of the segment of more than one billion people with disabilities in the world as well as the requirements of an accessible destination. The benefits, training needs and challenges that arise in developing and promoting accessible tourist infrastructure and services for this market segment are discussed.

Keywords: accessible tourism, tourists with disabilities, Destination Management Organizations, Mexico

Case Study
Teaching Note

Building Familiarity with a New Market: Motivations for Chinese recreational Vehicle Tourists in Australia
(Pearce, Wu)

This case study directs attention to a widespread question and a management dilemma: What do the new waves of Chinese tourists seek from their out-of-Asia holidays? How can destination managers find out about a fresh and novel market trend? The case study seeks answers in an influential blog written by Vivian, a Chinese girl who shares on-line her recreational vehicle (RV) travelling experiences in Australia. Her distinctive motivations of undertaking RV tour were analysed. The case illustrates the reach of social media and offers insights about one new market which can be reproduced for many markets and in many contexts.

Keywords: New markets; Chinese tourists; recreational vehicle (RV) travel; motivations; netnography; Australia

Case Study
Teaching Note

Examining the Role of the Facilities Manager: A seat at the table for the keeper of the capital investment
(Mejia, Phelan)

This case study about the role of the facilities manager is depicted through two hotel workplace environments: one which views facilities management in a strategic role, and another which views facilities management as a low priority operations position. Themes for in-depth discussion include maintenance workload planning and tracking, the service-profit chain, and the facilities manager as a strategic partner. Discussion and assessment produced from this case study will illustrate the importance of managing a hotel from the perspective of valuing the main capital investment of the firm with the intention of preserving and extending the life of the physical plant.

Keywords: Facilities management, service-profit chain, maintenance, hotel, strategic planning

Case Study
Teaching Note

Investigating a Case of Dram Shop Legislation Where a Three Drink Maximum is Imposed
(Haney, Phelan)

This case examines some of the major legal considerations restaurants and establishments serving alcoholic beverages must address in their daily operations. Dram shop legislation is a set of laws governing the sale and distribution of alcohol, the liability of restaurants or beverage operations, as well as any individuals involved in intoxicated behavior. Dram shop legislation is often met with great misunderstanding regarding who is responsible for damages incurred as the result of a drinking incident, why a beverage operation may be considered negligent, and the party(ies) that may pursue litigation. Presently there are few academic articles or cases which address the legal issues related to dram shop regulations, thus this case was designed to fill this gap in the literature.

Keywords: Beverage, Alcohol, POS, Technology, Beer, Stadium

Case Study
Teaching Note

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