JHTC, Teaching and Case Notes, Volume 8, Issue 1

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The Hiring Decision: Who Should Be the Next General Manager?

Leadership in a hotel has a direct impact on performance (Asree, Zain, & Rizal Razalli, 2010).  The goals of a hotel ownership group do not always align with the goals of the management company. Often the choice of who will be the general manager of a hotel presents a unique challenge including factors such as franchise affiliation and financial constraints.  This case study seeks to study the potential reasons for, and outcomes of, the general management hiring decision. Students should approach this case study from the perspective of owner’s seeking to understand all potential ramifications of the hiring decision. 


Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Campaign and the Indian Tourism Industry:  Strategic challenges and cultural Impediments 
(Parsa, Singh, Narapareddy)

Tourism is one of the largest contributors to the Indan economy. Unfortunately, the growth and development of tourism in India are negatively affected by poor public sanitation practices and lack of effective waste management policies. To address this impediment to tourism, the Indian government has initiated the ‘Swachh Bharat’ (Clean India) campaign with support from public and private sectors. Similar programs were pursued earlier by several other countries successfully. Current case documents the political and cultural challenges faced by the local authorities in implementing Clean India campaign in urban and rural areas in India. Several success stories were also presented. 

IHOP and Applebee's: Stacking up more than pancakes!
(Rady, Baden, Ali, Khan)

During 2017, huge support was given to women who experienced sexual harassment. Consequently, #MeToo movement has gone viral on social media networks. The movement proliferated from the glamor of Hollywood, down to the average working person. Lately, IHOP and Applebee’s employees filed more than five dozen complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Videlicet, about 60 female employees have filed complaints against managers, co- workers and owners. Since 2010, the two companies have been involved in eight federal sexual harassment lawsuits. With such growing allegations and with the increasing awareness, the topic is thoroughly covered to understand the industry dynamics.


Environmental Sustainability Rewards and Challenges: The case of Chimney Rock
(Dealer, Jaeger-Gale, Walker)

This case study focuses on the rewards and challenges of environmental sustainability at Chimney Rock State Park, a scenic natural attraction. It describes its efforts to promote and apply sustainable practices with a special focus on combating invasive species and recycling at the park. A description of the park’s history provides clues as to why sustainability is so important to its operation. In addition, challenges that still face the park are introduced.

Surviving the Minimum Wage Increase: A case study of an independent restaurant
(Ahn, Kim, Choi, Choi)

State and local minimum wages in certain areas of the U.S. have been increasing over the past few years. As businesses where low-wage, low-skill employees make up most of the labor, restaurants face financial challenges caused by minimum wage increases. This case study illustrates the impact of minimum wage increases on an independently owned and managed restaurant where the owner needs to take action to minimize labor costs as part of the efforts to maximize profits for his business. The case study addresses the issue from the owner’s and employees’ perspectives and encourages discussions on how to successfully tackle the problem. 


High-End Mexican Food by Chef Enrique Olvera: An Entrepreneurial Examination
(Casco Y Olea, Mathe)

This case examines Chef Enrique Olvera, a man of humble beginnings who is reinventing the way Mexican food is perceived. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Chef Olvera has developed several new concepts which are recognized as the best in the world. This case presents an overview of his entrepreneurial undertakings from a Mexican food perspective and presents potential challenges he will face next as his celebrity status and business ventures grow. Lengthy discussion and assignments are provided for the undergraduate culinary or hospitality student. 

A Beautiful Misunderstanding – 7c Kitchen 
(Ya-Hsueh Chuang, Wen-Ching Chang, Tsan-Ching Kang)

The case demonstrates the status and treatment of edible food waste in Taiwan. 7C Kitchen is an organization that collects what is known as inglorious fruits and vegetables (ugly F&V), which would otherwise be discarded from the market, and prepares them into simple meals and ready-to-eat packages for sale to consumers. 7C Kitchen’s use of ugly F&V to create value-added products economically reduces food waste. This case study presents background information on food waste in Taiwan as well as details about the founding and operations of 7C Kitchen. Several issues are raised for discussing the 7C Kitchen operations. 

  Hurricane Harvey Makes Waves for Tourism In Texas: A Case Study

(Stott, Cain, Kitterlin-Lynch)

This case examines the impact that Hurricane Harvey had on tourism in Texas in 2017, as well as the ways in which workers at the Stinson Suites prepare for and respond to natural disasters. The manager of Stinson Suites was interviewed and asked questions regarding the impact of natural disasters on tourism and travel; the precautions that her organization takes with regard to natural disasters; and the ways in which her organization responded to Hurricane Harvey specifically. Prevention and response procedures are explained in association with Stinson Suites. Additionally, the importance of marketing strategies and reintroduction methods are discussed to combat an area’s negative reputation that results from devastation from natural disasters. 


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