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Nominate a Colleague for a 2024 International CHRIE Award!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Again! Time to nominate a deserving colleague (including yourself!) for a 2024 International CHRIE Award!

Who is eligible:
All current members of International CHRIE except:

  • Current Elected ICHRIE Board Members (Executive Committee, Directors, Federation Presidents)
  • Awards Committee

Nominate one or more deserving colleagues today by completing the digital Awards Nomination Form. 

Click the leaf above to access the nomination form.

To view the list of ICHRIE Awards, click here.

Nominations will be accepted until 1 March 2024.

Individuals and organizations may be nominated by any CURRENT International CHRIE member by completing the 2024 Awards Nomination form. Please note that forms should be fully completed. (Note: Uploaded CV’s would be very helpful where possible for Meek, Fletcher, and the Lifetime Research Achievement Awards)

The following information is required to nominate someone:

  • Name of the award for which the person/company is being nominated,
  • Full name, address, and email of the nominee,
  • Please ensure that your nominee meets the award criteria: see specific award criteria --- please be clear, thorough, and succinct on why the nominee is deserving of the named award.
  • Name, email and telephone number of the person making the nomination (the nominator).
    * Please note: nominees must be current ICHRIE members.


  • Finalists for each award category will be determined by the International CHRIE Awards Committee prior to the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference.
  • Winners will be announced and celebrated at the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference in Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

If you are an award recipient and cannot attend the conference:

  • If a trophy/plaque is presented in your honor at the conference, the recipient will be responsible to cover the shipping costs to the address of choice following the July 2024 conference.
  • If a research certificate is presented in your honor at the conference, the recipient will be emailed a PDF copy following the 2024 conference. No paper certificates will be mailed.

Thank you for recognizing your peers by nominating them for a 2024 International CHRIE Award!


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