Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of the Vice Presidents of each of the six Federations as well as volunteers and chaired by the VP of ICHRIE.  Over the past year, a steering committee (53 members) lead by MJ Dolasinski and based on the input of 240 ICHRIE members, identified a series of recommendations and activities under the headings of teaching and learning, research, membership, and organisational capability / organisational culture. This year, the Strategic Planning Committee will build on this fantastic work by working with the various Directorates within ICHRIE (Education, Research, Membership, Industry Services, Conferencing, Networking, ESD and Marketing) to oversee the implementation of as many of these recommendations as possible. If you would like to be part of the Strategic Planning Committee, please do not hesitate to contact me - [email protected]

See current International Strategic Plan

Committee Members

Ralf Burbach
Technological University Dublin
[email protected]
Joji Ilagan Bian
Vice President, APacCHRIE
Joji Ilagan Schools Foundation Inc.
[email protected]
Susan Gordon
Vice President, CentralCHRIE
Purdue University
[email protected]
Peter Russell
Vice President, EuroCHRIE
Russell Partnership Technology
[email protected]
Jeff Lolli
Vice President, NENA
Widener University
[email protected]
Robert Thompson
Vice President, SECSA
University of South Alabama
[email protected]
Muhittin (Tim) Cavusoglu
Vice President, WFCHRIE
Northern Arizona University
[email protected]

Fred Mayo
Past President and Past Interim Executive Director, Outreach and Partnerships
[email protected]




Rai Shacklock
Past President and Past Interim Executive Director, Membership and Communication
r[email protected]





Gold Premium Members




 Boston                Florida Atlantic Univ      FL Gulf Coast Univ       FL International University                                                 RIT      Temple Univ                UMass Amherst      Univ of North Texas      Washington State Univ