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Joji I. Bian, President of APacCHRIE



Dear APacCHRIE members and friends:

I am honored and delighted to lead APacCHRIE for 2022-2023.

Likewise, I am proud to have on the board: individuals and academic leaders coming from all over the Asia Pacific. These dedicated and hardworking educators are all excited to serve all of you and our stakeholders!

The past two years [2020-2022] were challenging for all of us. We were confronted with an environment that we were not familiar with. However, we fought our battles successfully with our creativity and sense of passion!

APacCHRIE can boast of our three distinctive strengths: in the arena of education and training, research, and networking/collaboration with industry.

With the guidance of our Founding Chair, Prof. Kaye Chon, and our Past President, Dr. Sam Kim, we will continue to serve all of you: always upholding the spirit of excellence.

APacCHRIE is always forward-looking, and we are developing new strategic plans that will build on our strengths to achieve our mission as a premier organization of hospitality and tourism educators in the region.

I look forward with great excitement to seeing all of you soon!

Keep Safe! More Power!

Best Regards

President (2022-2023)



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