Conference Committee 

The Conference Committee works to select the site, suggest themes, assist in identifying and reaching out to conference speakers, develop events, identify potential sponsors, monitor the budget, promote the activities and evaluate the conference for future updates and changes.

Committee Members


Conference Committee Chair
Catherine Johnson
Florida Gulf Coast University
[email protected]





Kimberly Severt
University of Alabama
[email protected]

Joy Dickerson
Delaware County Community College
[email protected]

Sandra Ponting, WestCHRIE Director of Conference
[email protected]

Miranda Kitterlin Lynch, SECSA CHRIE Director of Conference
[email protected]

Shinyong (Shawn) Jung, CentralCHRIE Director of Conference
Purdue University
[email protected]

Jennifer Forney, NENACHRIE Director of Conference
[email protected]

Warren Goodsir, APacCHRIE Director of Conference
AUT University
[email protected]

Frederic Bouchon, EuroCHRIE Director of Conference
[email protected]


Gold Premium Members

                                                        Florida Atlantic Univ                          FL Gulf Coast Univ                     FL International University                                                                                                                                                            Temple Univ                                                                  Univ of North Texas                Washington State Univ