ICHRIE Research Reports Competition & Publication Series

Sponsored by DePaul University

Guidelines for the Competition

Submission Due Date: 1 April 2024, 11:59 pm (EST)

Submission Site: https://via.library.depaul.edu/ichrie_rr/

Competition Eligibility

  • Current members of ICHRIE are eligible for ICHRIE Research Reports Competition awards/prizes; however, not all authors of a research report need to be ICHRIE members. ICHRIE membership for at least one member of the author team should be current from the date of the submission until the presentation of the ICHRIE Research Reports Competition awards/prizes.
  • Non-ICHRIE members are also eligible to submit research reports to the competition and the ICHRIE Research Reports journal; however, they are not eligible for any monetary awards.
  • Research reports can be written by one or multiple authors. Authors can submit multiple research reports to the competition in the same year. Research report authors may be educators, administrators, researchers, students, and/or industry members.
  • The authors of the accepted research reports are expected to release the copyright of the research report to ICHRIE so that the research report can be published in ICHRIE Research Reports.
  • Published articles in ICHRIE Research Reports will benefit from cross-posting of the ICHRIE Research Reports link on various stakeholder websites.

Research Reports

  • The purpose of ICHRIE Research Reports is to generate a series of peer-reviewed research reports that are based on academic research findings targeted toward industry practitioners and policymakers. ICHRIE Research Reports translate academic research findings into practical applications.
  • Research reports may be compiled from field research, published sources, and/or generalized experience. The research reports may refer to any topic and subject area related to the tourism and/or hospitality industry.
  • All submitted reports will be subject to Turnitin evaluations.
  • The word count should be under 10,000words, inclusive of all content.
  • Research reports can be submitted at any time throughout the year; however, only those reports submitted specifically to the ICHRIE Research Reports Competition and meeting all the eligibility criteria by the due date are eligible for the competition awards.

Research Reports Competition Evaluation Process

  • The Editors of the ICHRIE Research Reports are responsible for managing the evaluation process of the competition and making final decisions about the award-winning research reports.
  • The Editors of the ICHRIE Research Reports will be responsible for identifying and selecting two reviewers to review and evaluate each submission. Reviewers will be selected based on the relevance of the topic/subject of the research report to their professional expertise and the reviewers’ research/experiential credentials.
  • Reviewers may be eligible to review and assess more than one research report, based on their time, resources, and their willingness to contribute to the review process.
  • The Editors of the ICHRIE Research Reports are responsible for informing the winning authors.
  • The results of the annual ICHRIE Research Reports competition will be communicated by the Editors of the ICHRIE Research Reports to the ICHRIE Director of Research by April 15, who will then immediately inform the ICHRIE Board of Directors.

Criteria for Evaluating Research Reports:
Presentation (30%)

  • engaging for the target audience (the hospitality and tourism business community)
  • quality of English language and readability
    • a strict scholarly tone should be avoided
    • the target audience for ICHRIE Research Reports is the hospitality and tourism business community
    • clarity of the format
    • well-defined structure
    • concise methodology section (the focus should be on the implications)

Content (70%)

  • novelty of the topic
  • relevance to current tourism and hospitality industry pain points
  • explicitly identifies, explains, and supports the practical objectives of the topic/subject
  • focuses on practical implications that can be applied by members of the hospitality and tourism business community
  • appropriateness and explanatory power of tables and/or figures           

Recognition of ICHRIE Research Reports Competition Winners

  • The ICHRIE Research Reports Competition winners will be announced and the gift cards will be issued at the annual ICHRIE conference (for winners outside the US, monetary awards will be wired to recipients within 7 days of the conference).
  • A special session will be organized during the ICHRIE conference so that the authors of the winning research reports will be able to present their work.
  • Following the ICHRIE conference, the winning research reports and the respective authors will also be announced via ICHRIE’s social media pages, the ICHRIE website, and wherever possible to promote the paper and the journal.

Prizes for ICHRIE Research Reports Authors

The three research reports achieving the highest scores by the reviewers’ evaluations will be eligible for the following prizes. In the instance whereby two or more reports achieve the same score, then the Editors of the ICHRIE Research Reports will act as the tie-breaking evaluator.

1st Prize

  • The author(s) of the research report achieving the highest score will receive a single prize of a $1,000 (USD) MasterCard gift card.

2nd Prize

  • The author(s) of the research report achieving the second-highest score will receive a single prize of a $750 (USD) MasterCard gift card.

3rd Prize

  • The author(s) of the research report achieving the third-highest score will receive a single prize of a $500 (USD) MasterCard gift card.

-Please note, that there is only one award per research report (i.e., awards are for the winning research report, not for each author individually). Thus, if there are multiple authors of a winning research report, it will be up to the current member of ICHRIE to make any distribution of funds or use the conference registration. If multiple authors in the winning research report are ICHRIE members, awards will be placed in order of authorship; that is, assigned to the lead author. 

-At least one author(s) of each winning research report is required to attend the annual ICHRIE conference to receive the award and present their paper.  Failure of at least one author to attend the annual ICHRIE conference will result in non-receipt of the prize.

Recognition of ICHRIE Research Reports Outstanding Reviewer

  • ICHRIE will present the outstanding reviewer with a certificate in recognition of exceptional review performance during the year for both the competition and ICHRIE Research Reports.
  • The Outstanding Reviewer certificate will be presented during the annual ICHRIE summer conference; reviewers who cannot attend the ICHRIE conference will receive their certificates by email.

The submission due date for the 2024 ICHRIE Research Reports Competition is 1 April 2024, 11:59 pm (EST). Research reports should be uploaded through the ICHRIE Research Reports submission site.

If you require further information and/or assistance, please contact:

Dr. Chris Roberts, Editor

DePaul University

[email protected]

Jenn Vallimont, Editorial Assistant

ICHRIE Research Reports

[email protected]


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