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2024 ICHRIE Hotel Challenge by Knowledge Matters

ICHRIE and Knowledge Matters are pleased to present the 2024 ICHRIE Hotel Challenge by Knowledge Matters featuring the Hospitality Collection of Case Simulations. The Competition is sponsored by ICHRIE and Knowledge Matters. The simulation used in the competition was developed in partnership with the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation and Marriott International.

The ICHRIE Hotel Challenge by Knowledge Matters encourages participants to test their skills at managing a simulated hotel. Students will be limited as to which concepts they are able to control during the event. What participants control will include various combinations of the following concepts: front desk operations, housekeeping, marketing & public relations, group sales, banquets, pricing & revenue management, social media and restaurant operations. Participants' scores will be based on a balanced scorecard that includes profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Participants will be ranked based on their balanced scorecard.


The first through third place nationally ranked students will win the following awards. Awards are funded by the CHRIE FutureFund™.

· 1st Place: $500 (via international money transfer or Mastercard gift card)
· 2nd Place: Complimentary student registration to the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
· 3rd Place: Complimentary student registration to an ICHRIE Federation conference

Dates & Details

This competition is completely web-based and there is one round for the event. Participants will utilize a limited function online competition version of our Hospitality Collection of Case Simulations. Participants will manage a combination of concepts found within the simulation, but they will not be able to control every concept found under the Actions menu. Concepts that have been disabled will be set adequately and controlled for the participants. Assignments explaining goals and objectives will be available within the competition file.

During the 2024 competition, students are challenged to manage a hotel profitably by overseeing revenue management, group sales, front desk, banquets/meetings and housekeeping.

Students who are currently using, or who have previously used, Case Simulations may use their existing accounts to participate. Students who have not used our online simulation will be given the opportunity to create a new account free of charge.

The competition runs from Monday, 25 March 2024 at 10:00AM EST through Friday, 29 March 2024 at 5:00PM EST. Registration will start on March 11 and will remain open during the entire event.


ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to college-level students who are students at schools that are ICHRIE institutional members. Participation is for individuals only (no teams).

Please talk to your instructor or department head to see if your school is an institutional member of ICHRIE. Information about becoming an ICHRIE Institutional Member can be found at:

CODE OF CONDUCT: Participants agree to compete by the Rules of Competition listed on this page. Participants further agree that all work submitted is work done by the participant. Participants understand that any attempt to hack or cheat the simulation is grounds for removal from the competition and possible further actions. Participants agree to refer any questions on what may constitute a cheat to Knowledge Matters for a decision.

SCORES: In the event of a tie, the individual with the earliest file submission will rank higher, so it is important to get your files ranked early in the competition.

HONOR CODE: All participants agree to be bound by the following Honor Code: I pledge that all work submitted is solely my work. I have received no outside help with the challenge. I pledge not to hack or cheat in any way and agree to report others that I am aware of who hack or cheat.


Due to the high volume of students participating in the event, all questions regarding the competition should be submitted via email. Emails will be answered in the order in which they are received during Knowledge Matters, Inc. business hours which are Mon-Fri from 8:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Time.
Contact & Technical Support Questions



Each participant is responsible for having read all the guidelines. ICHRIE and Knowledge Matters, Inc. are not responsible for an entry that is late, lost, misdirected, or not received. Only entries that are received by Knowledge Matters, Inc. will be eligible for scoring and ranking. All technical issues should be directed to our support team as soon as possible for resolution. Because of the wide variation in computer systems, Knowledge Matters, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the performance of its online application on participants' computers. It is the participants' responsibility to check this page for late breaking news or updates.

Inaugural ICHRIE Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) Undergraduate Research Symposium Wrap-Up

The Inaugural ICHRIE Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) Undergraduate Research Symposium is a wrap!  

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CHRIE FutureFund™ Sponsors Dissertation Proposal Competition

Last summer the CHRIE FutureFund sponsored the Inaugural Dissertation Competition. There were five winners, representing five different doctoral programs in hospitality and tourism. The 2024 CHRIE FutureFund Dissertation Proposal Competition is open to all doctoral students who are at the proposal stage of their doctoral program.  The CHRIE FutureFund is pleased to sponsor this Dissertation Proposal Competition as it fits the mission of the CHRIE FutureFund in that future faculty are being supported.

The five winners from last year (2023) were:

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2024 WFCHRIE Conference Wrap-Up

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am ecstatic to share that the 2024 WFCHRIE Conference hosted by Metropolitan State University - Denver was a great success. This year’s theme “Explore the World of Hospitality” was designed and executed by MSU-Denver students under faculty guidance.

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ICHRIE Welcomes Dr. Cynthia Mejia and Dr. Donna Albano to the ICHRIE Board of Directors


Dr. Cynthia Mejia has accepted to take on the role of Interim Director of Education until the ICHRIE Global Conference in Montreal (24-26 July 2024). We would like to thank Dr. Annette Graham for the hard work she has done for ICHRIE and wish her the best of luck in the future. Cynthia is enthusiastic about carrying forward Annette’s legacy and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this position. She already has numerous ideas to enhance the value provided to members committed to education. You shall hear from her soon. Welcome on board Cynthia!
Donna Albano, Stockton University, has accepted the role of interim Chair of the Eta Sigma Delta Board of Governors.  We want to thank Tim Flohr for his dedicated service, as he decided to step down from his role. We are immensely grateful to Tim for his outstanding contributions and leadership during his tenure.  Tim will remain active as Immediate Past Chair for the remainder of this year.

Donna has been a part of ICHRIE and ESD for many years in various roles and is well-positioned to steward the mission of ESD. We are confident that Donna will continue to lead us with the same dedication and vision that Tim has displayed throughout his tenure. We thank Donna Albano for her commitment and welcome her to this new role. We remain enthusiastic about the future of ESD and thank both the entire Board of Governors for their time and effort and Mary Richards, ICHRIE for her amazing support for all our work. Thank you for your continued dedication and support of ICHRIE and Eta Sigma Delta.  

2024 Call for Case Study Competition & Publication Series


ICHRIE and Johnson & Wales University JHTC Case Study Competition

Call for Case Studies

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2024 ICHRIE Research Reports Competition

The editors of ICHRIE Research Reports are pleased to announce the second ICHRIE Research Reports Competition, sponsored by DePaul University, that will culminate with award presentations during the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference


The purpose of ICHRIE Research Reports is to generate a series of peer-reviewed research reports (white papers) that are based on academic research findings that are targeted toward industry practitioners and policymakers. ICHRIE Research Reports translate academic research findings into practical applications that can make a difference in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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2024 ICHRIE Global Research Marathon

I am pleased to inform you that the 4th Annual ICHRIE Global Research Marathon has officially begun.

The main objective of this effort is to encourage research collaboration among our members. We are confident that we have successfully accomplished this objective over the past four years.

To share some testimonials from past and current participants:

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JHTR Special Issue on The Emergence of New Work Paradigms: Shaping the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and Its Workforce


Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research has a new Call for Papers for a special issue themed, The Emergence of New Work Paradigms: Shaping the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and Its Workforce.

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CHRIE FUTUREFUND™ Introduces the Legacy Program

Since its founding in the mid-1990’s by a group of ICHRIE members, the CHRIE Future Fund has been dedicated to providing support to the ICHRIE membership while also building a long-term rainy-day fund for ICHRIE. Fun(d) activities at the Annual Conference have generated slightly over $200,000 in total donations to date, a significant accomplishment and one that has benefited many ICHRIE members. The success of the CHRIE Future Fund requires a continual accumulation of donations, while the growth of the fund coupled with a reasonable level of return ensures long-term viability.

The CHRIE Future Fund™ has provided support for the Knowledge Matters Challenge, Case Study Competition, Graduate Student and Graduate Research Conference Best Paper Winners, Dissertation Proposal Competition Winners, and registration to the Annual ICHRIE Conference for twenty-four (24) faculty from developing nations. CHRIE Future Fund Committee members have discussed the increasing number of requests for support and want to assist those that meet the objectives of the CHRIE Future Fund. As the name implies, the CHRIE Future Fund is focused on ensuring the long-term future of hospitality and tourism education, and thus also the future of ICHRIE as the leading association for those involved in hospitality and tourism education.

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CHRIE FutureFund™ Supports Best Paper Winners

Xinying Xu, Chang Ma, Juhwan Lim, Alberto Beiza and Dr. Robert Bosselman (left to right)

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LEVEL UP, an ICHRIE and Russell Partnership Technology Revenue Management Competition

Get ready to dive into the world of hospitality revenue management and level up!

We're excited to announce the ICHRIE and Russell Partnership Technology Revenue Management Competition, a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their skills in a realistic hotel management simulation. Powered by Russell Partnership Technology’s industry-leading Revenue Management Simulation, this competition is your chance to step into the shoes of a revenue manager for a virtual 500-room hotel. The Revenue Management Competition offers a unique platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

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2024 ICHRIE Call For Papers

Submission Opening Information

International CHRIE is excited to announce that submissions will be accepted soon for the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

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2024 ICHRIE Awards Call For Nominations

Such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues! 

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ICHRIE Membership Drive for 2024


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2024 Undergraduate Student Research Conference

Co-Hosted by Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management




Opening reception: Tuesday, 20 February 2024 

Symposium: Wednesday, 21 February 2024



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2024 ICHRIE Global Research Marathon



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2023 CentralCHRIE Conference Wrap-up


On behalf of the CentralCHRIE Board of Directors, and the 2023 conference planning team, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual for making the CentralCHRIE conference, in conjunction with the Spirit of Hospitality Summit at Purdue University, a success. The 2023 CentralCHRIE conference was held at Purdue University October 19-20.

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Fall 2023 Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) International Travel Show


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EuroCHRIE 2023 Conference Wrap-Up

Dear EuroCHRIE colleagues,

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