Research Committee

Chaired by the Director of Research, the Research Committee plans, oversees and makes decisions concerning all ICHRIE publications, pursuing goals of the organization in relation to its designated area.

The 2021-2022 Research Committee will continue our efforts to achieve the objectives set by 2025 Strategic Plan. To enhance research that advances theoretical and scholarly publications, our newly appointed ICHRIE journal editors put forward ongoing efforts to encourage and solicit the submission of relevant, original, high-quality manuscripts from an international audience. We plan on conducting research hands on workshops that foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration at the ICHRIE annual conference. We will be more actively involved featuring the published articles in social media outlets to increase awareness and citations and encouraging authors to promote their article in different outlets. We plan continuing Research Marathon to provide members an opportunity to develop quality research that are relevant and add value to the field and create sharing/collaboration space for members by pairing junior and senior scholars in mentoring relationships.

Committee Members

Seung Hyun (Jenna) Lee
East Carolina University
[email protected]
Deniz Kucukusta
Director of Research, APAcCHRIE
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
[email protected]
Hugo (Chun-Hung) Tang
Director of Research, CentralCHRIE
Purdue University
[email protected]
Dai-in Danny Han
Director of Research, EuroCHRIE
Hotel Management School Maastricht
[email protected]
Markus Schuckert
Director of Research, NENA
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
[email protected]
Wei Wei
Director of Research, SECSA
University of Central Florida
[email protected]
Kelly Min
Director of Research, WFCHRIE
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
[email protected]
Faizan Ali
University of South Florida
[email protected]
Po-Ju Chen
Texas A&M University
[email protected]
Cihan Cobanoglu
University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee
[email protected]
Dogan Gursoy
Washington State University
[email protected]
Peter Kim
Auckland University of Technology
[email protected]
Henri Kuokkanen
Institut Lyfe
[email protected]
Minwoo Lee
University of Houston
[email protected]
Ingrid Lin
University of Hawaii at Manoa
[email protected]
Li Miao
University of Macau
[email protected]
Eric Olson
Metropolitan State University of Denver
[email protected]
H.G. Parsa
University of Denver
Chris Roberts
DePaul University
[email protected]
Amit Sharma
The Pennsylvania State University
[email protected]
Jean-Pierre van der Rest
Leiden University
[email protected]
Lisa Young
DePaul University
[email protected]
Heyao (Chandler) Yu
Penn State University
[email protected]
Jenn Vallimont
[email protected]

Gold Premium Members

                                                        Florida Atlantic Univ                          FL Gulf Coast Univ                     FL International University                                                                                                                                                            Temple Univ                                                                  Univ of North Texas                Washington State Univ